LED Slim Square and Rectangular Recesed Panel Lights

Extremely Low clearance, Square Downlights (12mm Depth) Recess or Surface Mount

  1. General Details

    Surface Mounted Panel lights have replaced the old fashion oyster lights, Where recessing is a problem Surface mounted Pannel lights are the perfect soloution!

    Applications: Concrete Ceilings, Fire rated Ceilings, Replacement of Oyster Lights. Residential, Comerical, Hospitality

    Commonly stocked Panel lights are listed below, Different sizes, Colour temperatures and wattage’s are available for projects please email for custom orders: products@tec-ledlighting.com.au


    38W Recessed 595 x 595= 3040 Lumens


    38W Recessed 295 x 1195= 3040 Lumens


    58W Recessed 595 x 1195= 4500 Lumens

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