RGBW Controller

  1. General Details

    RGBW Controller
    led rgb controller
    PWM dimmer
    TOUCH CONTROLLER(led touch controller)
    Have matching code and clear code function
    10 Built-in mode for selection (mode can be customized according to customer demand)
    Wireless control mode, the maximum effective distance of 20 m
    Power off memory function
    The maximum output current 5A per channel
    Has color ring, output color can by selected easily by touch function
    Pass CE testing

  2. Specifications

    Input Voltage: DC 12/24V
    Control mode touchable/RF
    Loadable Current: Max.5A×4CH
    Output Power: Max.480W
    Remoter material ABS+PC
    Remoter Size: L113.5×W55×H21(mm)
    Brightness Steps: 8
    Steps Controller size: L65×W64×H24(mm)
    Working Temp: -35℃-55℃
    Packing Size: L120×W72×H50(mm)
    Controllable Distance: Max 20M
    Gross Weight: 130g
    Battery life: 1 year
    Product Lifespan: 40000 hours

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