Home – Gold Coast

About The Project

Products: Flat Flex High and Low Power LED strips.

This beautiful house on Australia’s Gold Coast was recently refurbished and completely fitted out with Tec Led Lighting’s flexible flat LED strips.

As you can see, unlike fluoro, LED strips can be made to measure making it possible to light any nook or cranny. This means one can turn a simple set of steps in to a decorative showpiece.

The under eve lighting is a unique feature, using our waterproof method, which, maintains the technical integrity of the product, by incorporating our heat snyc under the waterproof sleeve.

These leds have been linked to the homes CBUS system enabling the owner to set different levels of brightness in each area.

The LEDs produce light waves at very specific frequency ranges enabling one to create the exact desired mood. And unlike traditional Halogen and incandescent lights these LED lights will not overheat therefore saving all joinery and paint from discolouration.


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