Roselands Shopping Centre

About The Project

Products: Double Row Hi-Power 5050 Flat flex in extrusion and 14 Watt Flat recessed down-lights.

Centro Roselands, in an attempt to reduce its electricity bill without comprising on looks has installed 14w Flat Recessed down-lights and a special extrusion filled with high power flat flex LED’s in its car park.

The LED down-light (240mm cut out)  is a perfect replacement for a twin compact fluoro light. They are a neat, elegant and energy efficient alternative.

Beside beings cheaper to run than the T8 fluoro the Flat flex allowed Centro Roselands to achieve a continuous light source of over 8 meters long with no hotspots. This is generally impossible with fluoro bars. The end result is a much cleaner and more professional look, and eliminates the need for a bulb change every 12 -18 months, thus reducing labour costs.


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