1. General Details

    To comply with the stringent new ERP Energy Standards, we introduce the EVOLVO.

    Superior performance is achieved via the combination of a few salient factors:

    Intematix Phosphor powder: Most reputable in the market for phosphor production. Exclusive rights on the new phosphor mix that produces high CRI / high efficacy levels 

    Inside of the LED: Heraeus Gold wire used to stitch the LED chip to the frame. 99.9% purity, improving heat management and strength of the structure

    Resulting in:

    • Higher lumen output

    • Lower power usage with significant energy savings – less watts per meter

    • Tight LED spacing with more LEds per meter – more consitent light output

    • High 97 of CRI

    • Ideal for mini profiles

    • EPISTAR chip with high grade Intermatix phosphers

    • Reliable LED lifetime – approved to 50,000 hours by LM80 Report


  2. Specifications


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