Retail Projects

Understanding the complexities of Retail.

You may be seeking LEED certification or moving towards sustainability. You may be looking for low maintenance, efficient solutions that minimise down time and keep business flowing. Or you’re exploring intelligent systems designed for interactive and responsive lighting such as Casambi.

You can rely on our extensive product knowledge and retail sector experience to work with you to create the optimum lighting design and specify the most exacting products.

Lighting & productivity

Healthy, bright light during the day stimulates our minds and sets our body clocks to create healthy sleeping patterns. Bad lighting can be detrimental to health and actually affect productivity.

Bring your scheme to life

Creating the right atmosphere through comfortable lighting and enhancing the space with visually striking luminaires will play to your strengths in designing the perfect retail spectacle.

Some recent examples of our products being used on Retail projects

Woolworths Double Bay – New South Wales
Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
Michael Hill South Australia