High Powered Wall Washer

  1. General Details

    External high powered wall wash lighting units provide boastful illumination whilst utilising low voltage LED technology.
    Light is cast up to 10m high and can provide either mood or focus lighting.
    The units are housed in an aluminium alloy casing and are rated at IP65 for outdoor use.

  2. Specifications:

    Item Code: TLHPCOMM600/1000
    Watts: Single Colour (28W/48W) RGB/W (36W/60W)
    Voltage: DC24V
    Lamps per unit: 18/36
    Dimensions mm(H x W x D): 110 x 80 x 600/1000
    LED Chip: Edison
    Beam angle: 30°/15° x 45° / 60°
    IP Rating: 65
    CCT: Warm white/RGB/RGBW


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