LED Emergency Fire Light (Recessed)

  1. General Details

    The LED emergency fire light is ideal for energy efficient businesses. This product Uses only a fraction of power compared to traditional halogen emergency lights this product will save you money while being green for the environment

    Supplied complete with a two piece luminaire allows installation into accessible and inaccessible ceilings.

    Careful selection of high quality components add to this products reliably and performance.

    • LED Emergency light
    • Total power consumption from 1.7W
    • Recessed Unit
    • Adjustable dish 85/140mm
    • Flex and plug
    • Long life battery
    • Non-Maintained operation
    • Economical and reliable solution

  2. Specifications

    Voltage (V): 220-240V
    Frequency (Hz): 50/60
    Max. Ambient Temp.: 50°C
    Class: 2
    Wiring: Flex and Plug

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