RGB Data Repeater

  1. General Details

    These data repeaters are perfect for building decorations, indoor decorations, signboards, billboards and as a back lighting source and amplify up to 32 colours using a controller.


    • For power repeat of synchronous changing signal;
    • 3 channel RGB control, the max current of each channel up to 5 A;
    • Accepts PWM control;
    • Match with many kinds of LED modules;
    • Theoretically we can connect limitless LED modules by connecting the repeaters in series.


    • Building Decoration: Business spaces, airports, subway;
    • Indoor Decoration: Lighting and back lighting for hospital, hotel, marketplace, square, dining-room, pub and etc;
    • AD solid Word, sign and mark, signboard and billboard;
    • Be used as big area back lighting source.


  2. Specifications

    POWER SUPPLY – DC 12-24V
    I/O CHANNEL – 3
    P_out – 5A(EACH CHANNEL Max),12V,180W/24V,360W
    Size – 165(L)X39(W)X26(H) mm
    Weight – 260g

  3. Product Inquiry